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Metaphorically, and almost literally I take all my shots from the ground up framing them based on a discussed concept or "Strike a Mood" board pieced together for the project. In all of my photography I like to use single images to tell momentary freeze frame stories and then use photo sets to tell Novellas or short stories about the events occuring in front of me.  


"It starts with a focus, a flash, then a future...a moment lived, a moment taken, a moment recorded, but in the end it's up to you to let the camera roll."

I started shooting professionally back in September of 2011. I myself was always into photography ever since my father gave me my first Kodak point and shoot film camera when I was seven years old. I owe a lot to him in opening the door to my love of photography. I then as I grew older through my Undergraduate and Graduate university experiences  was able to take a wealth of classes that helped me with my spacial reasoning, geometric analytics, and creating dynamic compositions.  As I graduated both Carnegie Mellon University and then University of Virginia with my Masters, I continued working on my love of photography first starting by helping friends and family then expanding to having the opportunity to shoot clients all across the U.S. In gaining many chances to participate in many photoshoots, events, and weddings, I discovered my strong passion for photography that I have had since I was seven. I decided in 2011 to take it to the next level beyond just a hobby and this is how Straight2Black Photography was born. 

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